Blog Response 8/29/13

In “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, Nicolas Carr brings up how the rise of search engines like Google are affecting the way we think and act. Instead of going through the long process of researching and critically thinking, we get instant access to information through the click of a mouse or the touch on a touch screen. People believe that the instant access to infinite information is causing us to deteriorate our attention spans. That really means that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are making us stupid and lazy. The Internet is making us pick up some bad habits that we didn’t have before the birth of the Internet.

Carr mentions Bruce Friedman, who blogs about computer use and it’s link to medicine. Friedman says he has lost the ability to absorb a long article or source of information.

That scares me because of the fact that I have the same problem. I have trouble reading articles that are longer than 15 pages because social media or some other source of technology easily distracts me. Therefore, if technology is restricting my ability to take in information, it’s restricting my ability to learn and grow as an academic and a person. In an essence, I’m a victim of Carr’s theory.

However, I disagree with Carr. I might not be able to read 200 pages in one sitting but technology (Google) allows me to find information and news that helps me on a daily basis. Google is a very useful tool that comes with a few consequences. I have a short attention span but I have a much more broader perspective on the world. Thanks to technology, I can take in thousands of facts, opinions and stories per day.

Electracy was a much more complicated article than “Is Google Making Us Stupid”.  The article itself was complicated and really difficult to read. However, Ulmer created a chart that was more effective in explaining the concept of Electracy. In today’s age, the Internet is becoming the institution that academics and religion can’t cover. Religion and academics are based off of a right/wrong, true/false basis. We use technology today mostly to get away from our daily lives. We seek entertainment and something to captivate our minds. Today, more and more people’s primary institution is electracy. We are becoming more interested in entertaining our selves and others. Therefore, we are learning more about ourselves and our fellow human beings rather than an academic field or religion.

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