Virillio: Part III

Part III, like all the others in Open Sky, was difficult to follow and understand. Virllio spoke upon ideas such as time-space and images.


In order to make things easier to understand, he asks one simple question: What is and should be considered real?


My answer to that is simple. Everything we consume in our brain has some connection to reality.


For example, when my roommate and I play XBOX, our other roommate makes fun of us telling us that what we are doing is not real. I disagree with that. It might not be as real as a live football game or as serious as other thing going on around the world or in the community but it still has some sort of representation of reality.


The game we play exists on a REAL disc. We are investing our REAL time and attention to the game.


Is it healthy to play a game that exists though a computer screen? No, I do not think so. It’s unhealthy but it’s still kind of real.


Having a real life friend or girlfriend is still better than having an internet-only friend or girlfriend. However, you still have to acknowledge the existence of a relationship between two people on the internet. It provides real emotions and feeling to the parties involved.


Virilio might disagree with me and believe that only live relationships are worth having. However, one must argue to Virilio that something is real if the person involved believes that it is real.


Discussion Questions:


  1. How much do you invest in online/digital relationships?
  2. Are you closer to any e-friends than live friends?

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