Aesthetics of Editing

In The Aesthetics of Editing, Osgood and Hinshaw discussed the importance of the editing and post-production process. Yes, the production process is obviously crucial to the success of the telecast or movie. However, the aesthetics of editing can provide the meaning of the story the video maker is trying to convey.

Osgood and Hinshaw gave a lot of examples of how a video maker can use editing to create a meaning for the viewer. For example, if I use a lot of jump cuts in one segment, that means I want to convey a quick compression of time. A time-lapse can be used to advance a lot of time into a few minutes. My favorite example of this as an avid traveler is a video I discovered about a year ago. The user used a lot of different jump cuts to create a unique time-lapse that conveys the beauty and geography of the continental United States.

It is amazing to think that the person making this video filmed for over a week, considering it would take over a week to drive across the country and back again. The video maker was able to capture all of this footage within a five-minute time frame because of extensive editing. He or she simply took footage from every region of the USA and deleted the footage that was in between. For example, it takes hours and hours to drive across the plains of Texas and the high deserts of New Mexico. However, the landscape looks the same throughout the region because it is flat and dry. Condensing these regions allowed for an impressive and memorable project that I want to try on my next trip to the West Coast.

The aesthetics of editing can create meaning. I need to remember that when I apply this to my project.


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