Point of View Reading Response

The Art of Technique by John S. Douglass and Glenn P. Harnden discussed the different perspectives a video maker can use when creating a film

First Person

We saw this a lot in some of the video projects that Professor Price showed us in class. Typically shots that provide time lapses or “A day in the life..” perspectives are first person shots. These shots are supposed to be through the eyes of the host or main character of the scene.

These shots are very cool but can be easily overdone. I prefer to have a third person perspective of a scene because you have more frame shifts, which keeps the audience awake.

Second Person

This point of view is not very common in video because the people being addressed are not actually in the shot or story. These people include the director, producer, cameramen and other crewmembers. The only time I’ve seen a Hollywood film address the second person point of view in within a blooper reel.

Third Person

This point of view is by far the most common point of view. This is where there a lot of different frame shifts to keep the audience’s attention while somehow keeping perspective of everyone within the frame.

You will see a third person point of view in almost every major Hollywood production.

How does this apply to my project?

I’m planning on only shooting in a third person perspective for the first three or four minutes of my video. However, when I go to Atlanta, I plan on using a first person point of view since I will only be able to film with an iPhone.


When should you film in 1st person?

Do broadcasters use the 2nd person?



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