Website Blueprint

The building of my website will be the most important project so far this semester because of the future implications that could come from it. If my website is impressive enough, it might land me a job when I leave Furman or later on. In order for my website to do this, it must have the following features:

  1. An extensive portfolio
  2. A photo gallery that shows off my experience in my field
  3. A blog about my experiences in the field
  4. A home page that captures the interest of the visitor
  5. Links to my social media pages. (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

My portfolio is my most important feature. In order to get a job in broadcasting or writing, a college student must have an impressive, extensive and well-organized portfolio. Luckily, uses embedded codes from SoundCloud and YouTube. For my writing, I might use my blog page or create a separate page called “WRITING”.

I thought adding a photo gallery would be a fun addition that would show off my experience, something I think I have a big advantage over others in my field. People like photos because it they are time efficient and they can be interactive.

A blog page would be useful to show that I’m current with my writing.

The websites I want to model my site after are:


The reason I want my site to be similar to those sites listed above is because I want to appeal to the typical users of these sites. If I can appeal to those users, then someone who runs those websites will want to hire me.

Last but not least, social media is becoming more and more important. allows me to link my Twitter and Facebook pages to my website. I plan on putting my social media links down at the bottom of each page.


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