Writing Web Content That Works

Obviously, the most important perspective to have when writing is the perspective of an average reader.

 How does a publisher gain that perspective? Observe your readers behavioral patterns.

How do they write? What are they interested in? What is their typical feedback, positive or negative?

All of those are important to consider before writing or producing content on your website.

Here is a hypothetical situation:

I run a sports news website that typically attracts a male audience that ranges from fifteen years old to thirty years old. I get more responses and positive feedback when I produce video content. Therefore, I will try to make video content that appeals to that demographic.

For an older audience that responds more to blog posts and analytical information, I might write a longer story that features more statistics.

It all depends on your audience and how they respond. If you want your site to be successful, then you must pay attention to the most important people on the web, your viewers.

Chapter three of Redish discusses the importance of a home page.

Redish states that if you want to have a successful experience on a web site, users must:

  1. Find what they need
  2. Understand what they find
  3. Act appropriately on that understanding

A web designer and writer can take advantages of these situations if they have an effective home page that displays all of the appropriate information in an organized and easy-to-understand way. The home page is a map to the web site. A user must read the map to understand how to navigate the rest of the way around the site. If the map is not up to par, then the user experience will probably be subpar and the web publisher will not get the user response they are looking for.

Each time a user visits the home page of your site, your brand, tone and personality is becoming established. You are creating a first impression. You want that first impression to be positive with an understandable and usable home page.



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